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Our goal at Current Church is to be a church that sees God restore hope to His people through Jesus, who died for the purpose of restoring broken lives no matter the situation or circumstance. We have been called to reach those who are lost, to be the church for the unchurched, to bring light to those who feel far from God, and to serve all people with dignity and respect.
We strive to create a culture of balance, equally focusing on the Word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit. The Bible shows us that Jesus valued both the scripture of His Father and the leading of His Spirit, and we believe that we are called to walk in that same balance of value.
Worship is very important to us at Current. Just as we believe we should balance The Word and The Spirit, we also believe we should balance learning and worship. There is nothing more beautiful to God than when his people set aside time to join as one and sing praises to Him.